Barrington Library’s Terns

Well, it is about time one of the libraries that was designed by Tappè Architects got to turn to receive some glass art.  So, the day after landing from our trip to Poland, Italy, Scotland, and Iceland, we started in the next morning at the library.

The location for the art is at the second level where you arrive at the children’s library in the community meeting room.

There is a tall-ceilinged space just as you get off the elevator and stair on the second floor.

This is where the art belongs.

The construction of the second floor renovations was almost done. Ted, the owner’s project managers stop by when we started up to give us access and help us get set up.


Although we did not start in until after 5 o’clock, when the library closes on Saturday, we made tremendous progress the first day.

We installed a little less than half of all the water pieces that were going to be in the composition before breaking for dinner.  


Having honed our technique and having had made good progress on the first day, we didn’t come back after dinner, and instead came back Sunday morning, since the library doesn’t commence it’s Sunday hours until the following weekend.

By about 5 o’clock, we had gotten all of the water pieces and most of the birds up.  Michele decided to put in a couple more birds on the lower level of the library so we’re finishing that up now.  


(Thanks to Ted for loaning us his own personal Italian feather duster)

This probably set a new record for us, completing an installation in about 24 hours.



Despite a report from Matt, the district representative on site, that the lift had rejuvenated, our sleeping giant lift could not be convinced to raise its weary bed.

Even though it weighs 5000 pounds the able crew on site picked it up and moved it out of our way.  

(This they did, by the way, after advising us it will be impossible to move it. )

Afterwards, the lift technicians came and resuscitated it.  In the meantime we had been busy drilling holes up to the obstical with the other 2 lifts.

We worked until some folks from art committee came through at 3:30 then broke for lunch & coffee.  

Lots of good food in Vancouver.

This area is now ready for raindrops:

When we got back from dinner we moved the big repaired lift into position once again, and of course, it failed.  Although all the workmen had left, we knew their technique and moved the 5000 pound gorilla out of our way again.

Then, we got busy with the lifts we had and made great progress, going on midnight.


Fire Ready

Here is Zev on top of the lift.   Apparantly, if he puts himself in in just the right position up there, he interrupts a laser beam that is part of the smoke detection system.

He did that.

Canadian firefighters are real nice. They drive big red trucks just like American ones.

So, while they arrange to reset the fire alarm panel for the building, we installed the rest of the glass in that area.

Unfortunately, all the fire drill excitement upset our main lift.  And now it no longer wants to do anymore work.  Battery charged, but it doesn’t want to go up or down or forward or back.

The contractor squeezed the medium lift into a tight space behind the reception desk, to do the work above there.

We are finished with our work in that area, but don’t want to take the responsibility for maneuvering that left down the skinny hallway.

So, with the main lift dead, the medium lift trapped, and the mini lift on the 3rd floor, we will go home for the evening at 11 o’clock.

Typical Vancouver Weather Today

But not terrible.

A good test of the bioswale rainwater detention system.  Was really flowing earlier.

We slept in and got to the site a little after noon.  Swapped out the flooring protection system for something that doesn’t crinkle up under the lift.  We need to protect the other artist’s work which is on the floor of the lobby vestibule in the hallways.

And then, back at it…

Zev assesses the above ceiling situation.

Then on with the four step process of putting a fastener in the ceiling.


Arrived in Vancouver a bit after 1:00am local time.

Okay, it is still day one.  Resolved to sleep as long as possible, I got up at 5:30, darn it.  However, it is an amazingly beautiful day.   Not raining as predicted.

Went out foraging for provender. 

You can see the cherry blossoms with the ski mountain with fresh snow in the background and daffodils in the foreground…

Back at the ranch, coffee made, consumption commenced.

OK, we got our orientation to the building and the safety briefing, so now are off to buy steel toed boots…

The space just over Michele’s head and extending back 60 feet into the building is where the art will be installed.

The blank canvas:

Got the required boots (& now actually have a blister the size of Albania, oh well).

We got organized, unpacked (just 2 broken pieces) & oriented to the lift, the put up the lights.  Naturally, there was an electrical issue, and a team of electricians sprung into action (truly – 4 electricians gave counsel), and new parts are promised on-site by 10:30am tomorrow.

Before breaking for lunch (@ 6:00pm), we made this much progress:

The lights work intermitantly, so we were able to place some initial cables.  

To do this, we actually took down all the before-dinner glass (which we placed with the fleeting sunshine).  The hard part is putting the fasteners into the substrate a one the wood ceiling, so it’s not a big deal to remove and reinstall the glass.

All the tuning of the height & pitch of the glass as well as the aiming of the lights remains to do, and thus is only 20% of the glass, but a good start.

So, we knocked off at 11:30.